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Property: - It is useful in hyperacidity (Amlapitta). Excessive consumption of sour, bitter and preserved food. Habit to have food without real hunger cause burning sensation in chest, stomach and throat. Nausea, vomiting with sour  belching, loss of appetite, giddiness, sweating, headache, indigestion. Acidox tablet gives prompt relief in all these ailments.
Dose and Anupana: 2 pills should be taken at morning and bedtime, with water.

Supportive Medicine: Gulmadhu


Shri Bhuvaneshwari  Storin Tablets.

Property: Stone, retention of urine, burning urine etc.

Stone due to retain the urgency of urine and semen and improper food habits, excessive sweets, alcohol, liver disease, accumulation of substance in kidney, intake of dust and send with food, excessive coitus etc. pains starts in urethras and urine stream bifurcates. Urine becomes thick with stone particle and creates friction with internal wall. When stone lacerate internal wall sever pain starts with or without bleeding.

Dose and Anupana: One Pills twice a day at morning and bedtime, with water.

Supportive Medicine: Ashmahar Quath and Rasayan Churna.


Shri Bhuvaneshwari Bavisol (Tablets). [Bh. R.]

[Arsha (Piles, hemorrhoids)]

Property: Bleeding piles, piles without bleeding, excessive use of spicy, oily, adulterated, corrosive, stale food, to sit long time on seats, riding bicycle, horse, camels, habit to retain urine and stool, night-duties. All these causes pollute Vat-Pita, Kaf, Mans and medak and form piles. According to Ayurvedic Principal piles resist the flatulence and revert the 

direction up words.  This unnatural motion of apan Vayu, Pollute all Saman Udan, Vyan, and Pranvayu, they disturbs digestion and patient become lean and thin and lusterless.

If piles are not treated earlier it creates problems and there are so many drugs described in Ayurved. Use of Bavisol tablet  along with Pathya gives good result. In piles Pujaya Acharyashree Charnatirth Maharaj himself has formulated this composition by his experience

Dose and Anupana: Two pills should be taken at morning and two pills at bedtime, with water.

Supportive Medicine: In case of weakness two tablets Suvarna Vasant Maliti or Siddha Yoga Kalpa are taken with milk at morning. In case of constipation it should be taken with Trifala Powder or plantago ovate husk (Ishabgul) with Water.


Shri Bhuvaneshwari Cough Sol Syrup.

Property:  cough, asthma, common cold, and tonsil.

Dose and Anupana:  1 to 2-tea spoonful with water.

Supportive Medicine: Vasaleh and Kantkari Avaleh.

Extra: Coughsol Syrup with Kufsol Tablet gives more benefits.


Shri Bhuvaneshwari Dermasol Tablets.

Property:  Useful for leucoderma. The following cause gives rise to the disease, cross food allergies, to restrict urgency of stool urine flatulence, long exposure to strong sunlight, excessive use of spicy sour and oily food, improper way of life regarding food habits etc. Imbalance the Vat, Pitta and Kafdosh and disease takes place. One should prolong the treatment to get good results.

Dose and Anupana: Two pills should be taken at morning and two pills at bedtime, with water.

Supportive Medicine: Arogyavardhini, Mahamanjishthadi Quath, Trifala Churna.

More: Brihat Somraji Tail can be use for massage and Swet Kushtahar Lep (Sogathi) should be applied locally.


Shri Bhuvaneshwari Gulmadhu.

(An excellent drug for disease due to pitta)

Property: Improper food habits and error in cooking food  increase the pitta, irregularity in food, the food which cause cross food allergens, adulterated food and drinks, cold preserved food, narcotics, alcohol, night watching, malnutrition etc., are responsible factors to increase the Pitta. This abnormal pitta spreads out in the body and pollutes the normal Rakta etc. Dhatu which results in 

burning sensation in throat, chest, abdomen, nausea, belching, dry throat, head ache, sweating, burning micturation, piles, constipation, pimples, and indigestion. If not treated it increases day by day. Bhuvneswari Aushadhasharam manufactures  “Gulmadhu” under Pujyashree Ghansyamji’s guidance, which is highly effective against pitta roga.      

Dose and Anupana: 10 to 15 Gms twice a day at morning and bedtime, with milk or water. Supportive Medicine: Acidox Tablets.


Shri Bhuvaneshwari Siddha Yoga Jivan.

Property:  Ancient practitioners had used aamllyadi varga in various diseased conditions with different anupana. We are well aware of chyavanprash, which has been described by Chavayan Rushi for kayakalpa and we take it every  year. Siddha yoga jivan which is manufactured during the  season of aamla (amblica officinalis) along with precious fast acting drugs rejuvenate the body and subside tri dosha. It regulates the blood circulation removing lethargic attitude leads every organs to its normal functions. The Siddha yog 

jivan contains every vital element that gives nourishment to eyes, throat, chest, heart, lungs, intestine, liver, kidneys etc. It removes paleness due to indigestion, loss of appetite, gas, lung congestion, asthma, cough, anemia, jaundice and builds up red blood cells and gives luster to our body.

Dose and Anupana: 10 to 15 Gms twice a day at morning and bedtime, with milk.

Supportive Medicine: Siddha Yoga Kalpa Tablets, Siddha Makardhwaj Tonic Pills and Kauchadi Vati.

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